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Essential Foundation Inc.

Our Company & 


Our Company:

Essential Foundation Inc. was founded in 2020.  This agency is dedicated to providing exclusive care and services to the children and families in the community.  Essential provides 24-hour residential foster care and adoption services to children that have been removed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.


Mission Statement:

To inspire all young ladies and gentlemen to become a greater version of themselves daily using our essential life skills throughout making connections, education, cognitive development, mentoring, critical thinking & building skills that will help them along their personal life purpose. It is our passion and responsibility to ensure the upcoming generations have the consistent necessities and fundamentals of life to be successful overall.  Essential Foundation Inc. takes pride in enlightening the youth skills such as the importance of giving, communication, social, emotional, gross, and fine motor skills, as well as speech and language skills.

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Image by Tyler Nix

Our Vision, Approach &


Our Vision:

To inspire all generations in the community through positive influence. Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.


Our Approach:

Essential Foundation Inc. believes that the child's mental health is the top priority to build their self-confidence making this successful through life's journey.  We care for children from all development needs.


​Our Commitment:

"We commit to helping children find their voice and positive ways to use their voice"

Meet The Team

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Stacie Anderson
Board Member

Stacie Anderson, MPH serves as 1115 Waiver corporate project manager with responsibility for implementing and managing the system’s waiver activities along with other community benefit projects targeting chronically ill and economically disadvantaged populations across the health system’s service areas.


Martha L. Camarillo, MBA, CHW

Board Member

Martha is the Principal/Agency Director of MLC Insurance Group since 2014.  Since then, she has mentored many entrepreneurs in becoming independent and self-sufficient.


Sholdon Daniels
Board Member

Sholdon Daniels is an experienced leader and attorney who is passionate about making a positive impact in his community. Named to the board of the Essential Foundation, Inc in 2023, Sholdon is excited to contribute his skills and experience to support the foundation's mission of empowering under-served youth.


Shenekqual Carter 

Board Member

Shenekqual Carter is a Community Engagement Director, providing education and resources to the communities of North Texas. She has served as a community educator in North Texas for over twenty years. 

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